IndigoCube focuses on developing individuals to master business analysis. We equip Business Analysts with a full range of complex business analysis skills, techniques, and approaches. In many organisations today, projects and problems do not follow a simple 1-2-3 pattern. Most problems are complex, involving a number of interrelated factors and solutions are not always obvious or easy to build. An excellent Business Analyst knows how to get started on a problem that is not clearly defined or understood. Such a Business Analyst is flexible and able to adapt to each unique situation. They possess an inventory of problem solving skills and know when and how to wield them quickly and efficiently.Our comprehensive business analysis curriculum is developed and delivered by practicing business analysts. Our mature programme has been proven through the success of our customers resulting in improved requirements. The curriculum is supported by full requirements document templates, a reference manual for post training guidance, coaching, and resources. The skills, techniques, and approaches that we teach are not tied to or limited to any particular methodology. 


The BA Associate is a certificate that recognises business analysts who possess foundational knowledge of business analysis topics and skills taught in our four core courses. It is designed for new and experienced business analysts. Obtaining the BA Associate certificate requires candidates to pass all online proficiency area exams of our four core courses. Candidates wishing to test-out the four core courses may purchase study guides for each of these courses to help prepare for passing the proficiency exams.

BA Associate Certification

Intended Audience:

This programme is designed for new and experienced Business Analysts who want to start a Skills Development Programme with the objective of completing the Advanced Skills Programme at a later stage. This programme forms the basic foundation of the National Certificate in Business Analysis.

The programme consists of the following modules:
  • Essential Skills for Business Analysis (4 days)
  • Business Process Analysis (3 days)
  • Detailing Business Data Requirements (3 days)
  • Use Case Modelling and Solution Requirements (3 days)

Certificate Outcome:

Business Analysis Associate Certification


  • Junior Business Analyst with less than 2 years experience
  • Student must be employed as a Business Analyst
  • Student must have support from their managers to ensure they are able to practice what they have learnt


  • 4—5 months (Flexible)
  • Classroom Based


  • 91 CDUs
  • 63 SAQA Credits


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