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IndigoCube has the ability to deliver applications 6 to 10 times faster that will help businesses to accelerate their digital transformation.
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IndigoCube empowers the digital enterprise to build, deploy and run software faster by consolidating skills development, process transformation and leading-edge technology. Businesses are driven to maintain competitiveness and relevance and thus enabled by Agility and Rapidity in all processes. The transformation imperative is driven by the blistering evolution of technology and globalization.

IndigoCube - Application Development

Unbeatable Development Speed

The pressure to develop applications faster and to include mobile devices to satisfy the demands of the Digital Enterprise is stressing IT departments. IndigoCube has the ability to deliver applications 6 to 10 times faster that will help businesses to accelerate their digital transformation. IndigoCube will build full-stack applications faster, get faster feedback, build once and deploy to any device thus eliminating the need to manage multiple platforms, languages, frameworks and form factor issues. The platform resolves these fundamental issues for you. The increase in productivity is enhanced by the low-code IDE and access to many pre-built solutions and components. With the principle value being speed to build and change, IndigoCube is able to help clients to clear the backlog of app projects in a quarter of the time.

Extensive Integration Capabilities

IndigoCube develops applications that can integrate with anything, leveraging the investment in current and existing systems (SAP, Oracle, etc.). IndigoCube is able to use a variety of existing SOAP and REST services on your server, in the Cloud or both. Using this toolset IndigoCube can build applications on top of the existing stack and expose the functionality through browser-based or mobile applications. Integration with virtually any third party system or data source is possible and in many cases easy and straight forward with freely available connectors.

Open Standards Based

IndigoCube uses open standards to protect your intellectual property in the form of well written C# or Java code, and will allow you to run your solutions in standard IDE’s. Your visually created well written, high performing and secure solution is safe. No longer constrained by development language, you can leverage capable staff from any background, providing independence from developers/coders. IndigoCube utilises a variety of API’s that integrate applications with external systems, and programmatically access existing or independently built features.

Secure Hi-Performance Solutions

IndigoCube provides a full Application Life-Cycle Support (DevOps) development platform that produces robust and secure applications that will run scalable in Cloud, on premises and Hybrid configurations. With abilities to access native mobile device capabilities we help to build awesome responsiveness and high performance applications.

Agile and DevOps Ready

The platform fully automates DevOps processes, and manages the staging of your applications from development to production across cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments. Real-time performance monitoring is available for all your applications. You will be able to see how each web and mobile application is performing on your users’ devices. The platform is a great enabler for Agile, given the rapid requirements into model, quick build with integrity protection, fast feedback and change and the ease of deployment of your solution. Furthermore, the platform also enables you to define your IT team’s access and control over applications and their components, across all environments.


IndigoCube will assist with web development and mobile solutions, by combining their highly skilled and capable people, Agile processes and rapid application low-code development tools. IndigoCube can assist in providing the platform or the services for you.

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