Need a Digital Technology Expert?

Helping you to achieve successful Lean-Agile and DevOps transformation in the Digital Enterprise.

IndigoCube Academy

Developing valuable skills in the areas of Business Analysis, Agile and DevOps.

Innovative Software Solutions

Enabling the enterprise to build, secure and run software efficiently.
IndigoCube Agile Training

Agile Training

Our agile training enables candidates to achieve certifications from IC Agile, IIBA, Scaled Agile Academy (SAFe), Disciplined Agile Consortium (DAC), IBM and CA technologies.

DevOps Training

Helping you achieve successful Lean-Agile and DevOps transformations in the Digital Enterprise with our extensive practial training. Certifications from IC Agile, Scaled Agile Academy, Disciplined Agile Consortium, IBM and CA technologies.

Product Management Training

Our courses are internationally certified by the Association of International Product Marketing & Management (AIPMM) and Body of Knowledge (ProdBOK®).

Business Analysis Training

Helping you to address your Agile and traditional Business Analysis transformations. See how our tailored approach to business analysis training can provide a solution for your needs.

Digital Transformation

The Digital Enterprise is simply the convergence of Lean, Agile and DevOps. We enable Digital Transformation through SAFe and DAD Implementations, Automation and API Management.

Digital Product Management

Through continuous delivery, experimentation and continuous product improvement using tried and tested product management frameworks and techniques.

Cyber Security

Provding you Intelligent, Innovative security solutions that help organisation proactively protect their critical information through skilled resources, services and best of breed technologies.

Specialist Resourcing

We will assist in finding the right people such as Specialist Business Analysts, Agile Coaches, DevOps Engineers, Scrum Mastert and Product Managers and where necessary refine and update their skills by incorporating training programs.

Specialists in Digital Transformation

We enable the Digital Enterprise to build, secure and run software efficiently by combining skills development, process transformation and technology.

It is the core technology worldwide driving change and must be leveraged to keep pace and retain competitiveness.

Digital Transformation
IndigoCube Training

Need Agile Training?

Our Agile training and Certifications are delivered by field experts of Lean-Agile, Business Analysis, DevOps, Digital Enterprise and Cyber Security. We are Accredited by ICAgile, Disciplined Agile consortium, MICT seta and IIBA.

Need an expert?

Need a Digital Expert?

Enabling your digital enterprise for Lean-Agile, DevOps optimaization, Rapid Application Development, Automation, API management and Lean product management. We can assist you by meas of coaching, assessments, skills development and training.

IndigoCube Technology

Need Security Tools?

Providing you with Intelligent, Innovative security solutions and tools by means of: Security Intelligence,
Information Risk and Protection,
Management and Orchestration and
Security Professional Service.

IndigoCube Academy enables the Digital Enterprise with expert training

Our courses are internationally certified and our trainers are agile practitioners and agile coaches. All our curriculums and training are certified by the relevant qualifications boards.

IndigoCube Expert Training

IndigoCube Insights

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You can now have a better experience that's safe as houses By Tallen Harmsen, head of cyber security at IndigoCube Businesses need frictionless security for two main reasons. They need to make sure that their employees are using the best possible security...

Frictionless security is a win for customer onboarding

Now you can offer effortless experience with quality security By Tallen Harmsen, head of cyber security at IndigoCube It’s a lot easier to onboard your customers if your security is frictionless. Security in a time when the Internet is rife with cybercrime...

4 ways security can be a competitive advantage

You shouldn't have to jump through hoops to be secure By Tallen Harmsen, head of cyber security at IndigoCube Security often impedes the efficiency of employees and the ease of the customer experience. But that’s because security has always operated from a...

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