Disciplined Agile Delivery and Business Agility

By Jaco Viljoen, principal consultant and head of digital at IndigoCube

I’ve known Scott Ambler for many years now. He’s an exceptionally well-known influencer in the Agile community, which is why I’m so pleased that he’ll join us in July for the first ever Business Agility event in South Africa.

Business Agility steps out of the traditional Agile shoes that are really filled by software development and takes on the challenge most business executives are struggling with: How do I keep my business relevant in a business environment that keeps changing at an ever-increasing pace?

Scott is known for many things. He’s written over 100 articles on Agile software development alone. In fact, he’s written hundreds of articles on a variety of subjects that include Agile adoption, agility at scale, architecture, data, deployment, documentation, governance, Java, lean, and another 12 subjects.

He’s also written or co-authored about 20 books.

That’s not surprising since Scott was deeply involved as a pioneer in the industry by the early 2000s and would be a chief methodologist at IBM by 2006. But earlier in that decade he realised that companies were spending a lot of time and money trying to make Agile scale up from the typical small-scale software development projects it was originally suited to.

Scott, Mark Lines, and the team at IBM came up with a framework to fix what was broken with trying to make Agile scale. The big problem was that everyone was making up their approach as they went. Agile processes weren’t cast in stone because they had to be tailored to each situation, to every scenario.

The framework that Scott and his team developed gave enterprises a roadmap that led them where they wanted to go. That’s how Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) eventually came about.

Scott’s still at the sharp edge of the industry now that Agile is going beyond software development and even IT, extending into the business as a whole.

And that’s what our upcoming conference and workshops are all about. They’re designed to help businesspeople, technical people, and software developers see the overlap and how they can harness that to really push the business along a structured approach that delivers all the benefits they’re ultimately looking for.

You have to see this in the context of digitalisation, of the agile enterprise, which falls apart without the right foundation. Scott’s one of the fathers of this movement to understand what those foundational elements are and how we can put them to use in our businesses, regardless of which industry we operate in, our structures, or our current level of maturity.

Scott has a lot of natural ability and a lot of skill, experience in figuring out what we need to do, and helping us to get it right in our businesses. That’s why he’s one of the top, global digital influencers and why we asked him to join us in bringing this message to market and the method to life for our South African customers.