You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to be secure
By Tallen Harmsen, head of cyber security at IndigoCube

Security often impedes the efficiency of employees and the ease of the customer experience. But that’s because security has always operated from a mindset where it locks information down, ties it up behind a closed door, makes you jump through hoops before you can see it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Modern security approaches business by trying to effortlessly provide application services for good purposes but lock down the crooks before they can do any damage.

It is essentially trying to achieve four things.

Data accessibility is the crucial first element, authorisation the second, behaviour the third and the last is integration.

Data accessibility is subtly different from providing data access. It’s more about securely exposing data to business systems and customers without slowing down their use of the data rather than it is about making a complex connection through an API. Punching in usernames and passwords slows people down, interrupts their progress as they’re trying to work. And it’s not very secure anyway.

Data accessibility implies effortlessly validating and authenticating people and other business systems or apps without impeding their use of whatever app or business systems is consuming the data. It lets them glide through the process of whatever they’re doing being strip-searched at every turnstile.

But that doesn’t mean security’s entirely absent.

Modern, frictionless security is the bodyguard in the shadows, silently watching the crowd of users in your business systems. It knows what everyone should be doing, what they’re allowed to access, how they’re allowed to use it, and it double checks that everyone’s doing what they ought to.

If they are then no problem. But deviate and it knows and that’s when it steps forward.

“Madam, may I see your ID, please?” It’s only when people do what’s not part of their role or their usual routine that the security steps in to re-check their identity, to validate and authorise them to continue.

Modern frictionless security, with the brains of machine learning bringing a level of intelligence to the process, not only secures your systems better. It also lets employees work better and makes the customer experience a pleasant one.