Advanced Agile User Stories Training Course

This 2-days Agile course will teach you how to slice user stories down to fit into sprints that is a key component of agile.
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2 days


The user stories are intended to be small and at the same time they should provide just enough and just in time requirements. Without the correct level of acceptance criteria, agile teams may find themselves building things fast, but not necessarily building the right things. Teams often struggle with these agile concepts and ways of identifying the necessary requirements while still adhering to lean documentation. This class is intended for an agile team to improve their user stories relating to prioritization, estimation, splitting stories, organizing, and making sure that they are refined and ready for the development sprints. This includes breaking them down from epic to feature to stories and eliciting the acceptance criteria. Participants should bring their initiative or epic to break down into user stories or they can use a case study provided.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide practical tools and techniques to ensure your User Stories meet the characteristics of INVEST
  • Utilize the core component analysis approach to ensure that a cohesive set of user stories exist
  • Take user stories from their raw state to refine them into a ready state
  • Understand the capturing of acceptance criteria; examples and scenarios
  • Identify how to triage change requests and determine where they fit in the backlog
  • Review and create traceability of stories to their features and to their initiative or epic to ensure that the context of the project is defined
  • Define and assign business value to prioritize and help manage minimal viable product discussions.




This course is designed for product owners and management involved with agile teams who need a more in-depth understanding of the process and skill set useful for an agile team.


We recommend participants have attended our “Advanced Agile Analysis“ course or have equivalent agile experience or training.


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