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This is a 2-days ICAgile certification course, you will learn the theory and concepts behind agile automation.
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2 days


As part of this new two day ICAgile accredited course, you will learn the theory and concepts behind agile automation and look at the flow, processes, practices and techniques relevant to agile automated testing on an Agile project. This lab-based program provides practical exercises and examples of automated tests for Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD), Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD), as well as associated tools and techniques that are essential to anybody testing on an Agile team.

Hands on components of the agile course include: command line the use of continuous integration and version control tools, and popular test automation tools (e.g. SpecFlow / Cucumber, Selenium, SoapUI) that support the unit, integration, system and acceptance testing levels within an Agile framework. You’ll also get to apply tools that support non-functional testing and exploratory testing. Upon completion of this course, you will come away with a practical understanding of how to automate testing activities in the Agile world, and the tools and techniques used in delivering quality automation.

Learning Outcomes

  • the background to test automation in an Agile project
  • the roles and responsibilities for automation in a typical Agile testing team
  • the various tool frameworks available to Agile teams to facilitate the testing of the project
  • how to plan, perform and implement automated testing in the Agile team
  • how discipline and standards contribute to effective automation
  • how to set up automated testing for ongoing success in an Agile team
  • how to use underlying tools and technologies commonly used by Agile teams

Topics Covered

  • The Agile culture and mind-set
  • Test automation strategy- Automation pyramid – Planning- Frameworks- Selecting testing tools- Supporting processes
  • Continuous integration- Automated test cycles- Code analysis/metrics
  • Automating testing- Test levels- Mapping tests- ATDD and BDD frameworks- UI testing frameworks
  • Automation support for integration and system testing- Data management- Exploratory testing- Non-functional testing- Virtualisation


ICAgile Accredited course

The ICP-ATA Certification from ICAgile, is granted on the successful completion of this course.

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