Many enterprises have a portfolio of digital products and services. For such enterprises, the product management discipline is a key to continuously grow and improve the product portfolio and win market share in fast moving markets.  To boost your product management capabilities, we offer a variety of highly effective services, such as:

Interested in improving product management? Contact us, for a short briefing with your executives and teams. We’ll share some valuable insights that will result in a better understanding of product leadership, your options and possible approaches.

Our product management capability assessment provides a professional evaluation of your product teams & product management proficiencies.  Assessments are based on the AIPMM ProdBOK Product Management Framework (  Each capability assessment will provide you with valuable insights and recommendations regarding your product teams such as:

  • Confirming the skills levels of your product teams
  • Recommendations for improving skills and ways of work
  • Guidance on individual career development activities
  • Product Management methodology & process
  • Product knowledge

To compete in the market with your digital portfolio of product or services requires that you:

  • Set direction through a clearly defined product strategy
  • Communicate the strategy and progress using a product roadmap
  • Enable release management for launching new products
  • Capture feedback and insights
  • Deliver continuous improvement
  • Use an economic model for prioritisation
  • Manage ongoing organisational change

Our experts will help you to optimise these capabilities and ingrain them into a new way of work.

Many organisations adopted agile but struggle to implement the associated product ownership way of work. Our experts will work with you to design a new way of work specific to agile product ownership and then coach your product owners to achieve the best results.

Many product managers want to connect better with their customers, but are simply not equipped to do that. In the digital age there are multiple ways to do this and our experts can enable you to illicit more reliable feedback from your customers. We will enable you to embed customer feedback in your way of work using a variety of tools and techniques.

Our experts will enable you to transform from a Projects-based PMO to a Products-based PMO with minimal disruption in your daily operations. Our skills development program will enable the Product Management Office to implement product-based strategy and investment funding, portfolio operations, and governance through coaching and a series of customised workshops.

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Boosting Product Leadership