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Transforming the way you and your team perform business analysis is not a one size fits all approach.


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We’ve streamlined our learning approach to match your highest priorities. We understand that your analysis practice has unique problems and deserves a unique business analysis training program offering. Agile Transforming the way you and your team perform business analysis is not a one size fits all approach. We will work with your team to identify the pain points that will result in the best opportunity for your team or organization to realize the change they’re trying to achieve. Change starts with knowledge and skills.

See how our tailored approach to business analysis training can provide a solution for your needs.

We can deliver a course, webinar, workshop or provide a coach, but for the same cost, we provide a comprehensive, tailored program that aligns the necessary time commitment and the appropriate delivery methods with your team goals and characteristics to boost your overall ROI. Maximizing your investment in employee training can be as easy as following a simple plan. Also, we encourage walking through our Maximizing Your BA Training Worksheet & Checklist to help appropriately plan and get the most out of training before, during and after the learning event.

Additionally, our business analysis training material is presented in a holistic approach to learning that utilizes our Make Learning Stick program to improve student knowledge retention before, during and after class. Whether you need to use your analysis skills in the field or refer to them for a business analyst certification achievement, this learning approach can help you recall the information when needed most. Let’s get started down the path to business analysis training success and build your program!

Business Analysis Insights

Beware the dangers of Business Analysis without Enterprise Analysis

It’s a frightening statistic, but did you know that up to 60 per cent of the work business analysts and the rest of the IT industry does is a waste of time? ¹ Not only that, but we are still maintaining and keeping alive that 60 per cent of time we have already...

Get with the BABOK

Gathering and documenting requirements to develop software is often seen by business analysts as their core task. Actually, they are there to deliver value to the business—everything else is secondary. One of the first things I ask aspiring business analysts is how...

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