Establishing a Centre of Excellence for Business Analysts.

Delivering business value through improvement in Business Analysis maturity.

A growing international trend in large organisations is the establishment of a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence to drive the maturity levels of Business Analysis. Fuelling this drive is the need for organisations to realise the benefits of quality business analysis. The primary objective of this programme is to offer business analysis services to the organisation that will be of such quality to guarantee that business users will be delivered solutions that will satisfy their requirements first time every time.

Programme Scope

There are several different approaches to implementing a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence. Some are focused across the entire project life cycle, while others focus more narrowly on specific aspects of Business Analysis.

A truly comprehensive Business Analysis Centre of Excellence includes:

  1. The services

  2. Functions

  3. Tools

  4. Metrics to ensure the organisation invests in the most valuable projects

  5. Delivers the expected business benefits from project outcomes.

We advocate a gradual approach to implementing a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence so as to minimise the impact of change on the organisation while delivering measurable business outcomes. The focus must at all times be on delivering business value through gradual improvement in maturity.

Business Analysis Centre of Excellence Functions

A fully functioning Business Analysis Centre of Excellence is capable of providing services across the gamut of Business Analysis practices.

The Business Analysis Centre of Excellence vision and objectives are met through training, consulting and mentoring Business Analysts and project team members, by providing Business Analyst resources to the project teams, by facilitating the portfolio management process, and by serving as the custodian of Business Analyst best practices.

The strategic Business Analysis Centre of Excellence generally performs all or a subset of the following services:

  1. Business Analysis standards

  2. Business Analysis development

  3. Business Analysis services

  4. Full Governance of the Business Analysis function

One of our services is where we can do a Methodology

IndigoCube uses a business analysis methodology that is entirely based on knowledge contained in the BABOK and the IIBA Business Analysis Competency Model. This methodology is customised to suit the specific requirement of the organisation. Method adoption is driven using a set of best practices. These determine that a complete set of Roles, Tasks, Artifacts and Guidelines be customized for the organization within a larger framework of Business Analysis Disciplines and Practices. The output from his work is then automated so as to present it to the Business Analyst community in a user friendly web format.

The benefits of using such a web-based method interface include:

  1. Easy to customise in future

  2. Easy to maintain

  3. Simplified method navigation – all roles, tasks and artefacts are linked

  4. No training required to use it

  5. Templates, guidelines, etc. accessible from one intranet site

  6. Open technology