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Business Analysis Centre of Excellence

A growing international trend in large organizations is the establishment of a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence to offer the Business a wide range of Business Analysis Capabilities. Fueling this drive is the need for organizations to satisfy an ever-changing business environment with array of analysis services.

The Business Analysis Center of Excellence will be expected to have skills in delivering service to Agile projects as well as Process Improvement projects. The rapidly emerging Agile approach is requiring a new approach to Business Analysis, not only a new set of skills but a whole new way of approaching Business Analysis. The Center of Excellence needs to ensure they have Business Analysts who are able to supply these skills and knowledge to service this new approach. This allows the organization to benefit from a high level of quality in business analysis.

The primary objective of this programme is to ensure analysis services offered to organizations that will be of such quality to guarantee that business will derive a high level of value in their initiatives.

Programme Scope

The programme covers the setting up of a Centre of Excellence. This starts with setting the goals of the Centre of Excellence and setting the time frames for the process of improving the Business Analysis function. The programme assists in monitoring and managing the following areas:

1. The Business analysis services offered to the organisation
2. The skills available in the Business Analyst pool within the organisation
3. Monitoring the quality of the method and techniques being used by the Business Analysts
4. Metrics to ensure the organisation invests in those area will deliver the highest value to the organisation
5. Ensuring the skills development plan are in keeping with the Centre of Excellence Goals.

We advocate a gradual approach to implementing a Business Analysis Centre of Excellence so as to minimise the impact of change on the organisation while delivering measurable business outcomes. The focus must at all times be on delivering business value through gradual improvement in maturity.

Business Analysis Centre of Excellence Functions

A fully functioning Business Analysis Centre of Excellence is capable of providing services across the gamut of Business Analysis practices.

The Business Analysis Centre of Excellence vision and objectives are met through training, consulting and mentoring Business Analysts and project team members, by providing Business Analyst resources to the project teams, by facilitating the portfolio management process, and by serving as the custodian of Business Analyst best practices.


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