Business Process Analysis Training Course

Business process analysis is a fundamental activity in defining changes to existing business systems, business process improvement activities, or performing gap analysis for COTS.


3 Days


Did you know the six costliest words in business are “we’ve always done it that way”? In this class you will learn techniques to help your business look at how things are being done and create solution options to improve the business processes. Creating AS IS and TO BE workflows gives the business analyst a strategic view of business architecture which is essential in Agile, SOA, BPM, and any type of process improvement or COTS project. Workflows are also the foundation for documenting Six Sigma, Lean, and Value Stream process maps.

Business process analysis is a fundamental activity in defining changes to existing business systems, business process improvement activities, or performing gap analysis for COTS. It provides the analyst an understanding of the core business processes they can use to suggest alternative solutions which meet core business needs and fit with existing IT infrastructure. Management can then evaluate each alternative for its potential return on investment and the cost of implementation. Every business is searching for better ways of getting work done. Improving efficiency, decreasing costs, increasing productivity and customer service are goals that are universal.

Evaluating the business process may result in software changes, procedural changes, organisational changes, personnel changes, etc. The best way to improve business operations is to: 1) study the current procedures, 2) find the core or essential work being done, and 3) define how this essential work will be accomplished. This course teaches a proven approach which gives the business analyst the confidence and credibility to offer and promote the right solution to solve the business problem or opportunity.


In this course students will:

  • Identify and document complex business process steps in an easy to review diagram using industry standard notation, BPMN
  • Schedule and conduct discovery/elicitation sessions to learn about current business processes (AS IS)
  • Identify areas for process improvement by reviewing AS IS models
  • Develop process re-design strategies and present them for approval (TO BE)
  • Ask detailed questions to get a complete understanding of business procedures, business rules, information use, and events that impact the business processes
  • Initiate a process modeling effort with clear objectives and an agreed upon goal
  • Define key terms used by the business domain to improve communications within the business
  • Decompose complex processes into lower level tasks and sub-processes
  • Identify the most important business component: Essential Processes
  • Conduct a review of a process model to assure accuracy

Please Note: If students prefer and have experience using MS Visio to draw diagrams, they may bring their laptops with MS Visio to use during some of the workshops. This is not a requirement.


This course will be beneficial to any person, in any size organisation, hoping to improve their business processes. The techniques presented can be used without any sophisticated software to quickly identify areas for improvement and fix broken processes.



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