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This course teaches business analysis essentials to both new and experienced practitioners
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To identify the best solutions for real business needs, this course provides an extensive inventory of tools and techniques for use in business analysis work. The business analysis skill set includes critical thinking skills, elicitation techniques and requirements analysis and management. Equally important are communication and relationship building skills, whether they be in person or virtual environments. Expertise with analysis tools and techniques becomes even more necessary in today’s fast-paced environment. It is further complicated by the use of dispersed or outsourced teams, complex business processes, time-driven business initiatives, new agile software development approaches, and poorly integrated legacy applications.

Regardless of the person’s title, the need for strong business analysis skills is necessary for companies to remain competitive in any economy. Through education and practice business or technical professionals will develop and enhance their analytical skills and provide significant value to projects and the business enterprise.
This course.

This course teaches business analysis essentials to both new and experienced practitioners. It supports and expands on the standards outlined in the IIBA® BABOK® Guide V2.0. Mentor-led workshops allow students to practice the techniques as they learn them. Depending on the participant’s skill level, the workshop cases and discussions inspire learning insights for every level of experience. Students are encouraged to bring their own projects to class. Using new techniques on a current project often highlights missing requirements and gives the student specific next steps to follow after class.

Skills Taught

In this course Business Analysts will learn to:

  • Analyse and scope the area of analysis, working with project managers and business sponsors to clarify the level and complexity of the business analysis effort needed for the project.
  • Select the appropriate elicitation technique to efficiently identify critical requirements.
  • Analyse and refine business and functional requirements.
  • Ask the right questions through the use of interviewing templates developed specifically for business analysis elicitation.
  • Identify the five core components necessary to analyse a business area.
  • Plan an approach for analysing, categorising, and managing requirements. Determine the level of formality required and consider options for documenting and packaging requirements based on project type, priorities, and risks.
  • Identify techniques and documentation options appropriate for various software development approaches and project types (COTS, maintenance, business process improvement, new development, etc).
  • Define testing objectives and verify requirements are testable.
  • Conduct effective requirements reviews to improve the quality of requirements deliverables.
  • Build strong relationships with project stakeholders.
  • Apply new communication strategies for eliciting and interacting with virtual teams.
  • Anticipate issues, think proactively, and use critical thinking skills to plan stakeholder elicitation sessions.


This course is designed for business analysts, project managers, business systems analysts, system architects or any other project team member involved with analysis. New practitioners will learn the tasks they are expected to perform and why each task is important. Experienced practitioners will learn new techniques and more structured approaches to improve their requirements activities. This course may also be appropriate for individuals who manage analysis activities and business stakeholders who need a more in-depth understanding of the requirements process and deliverables.

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