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IndigoCube Learnership Programme

It accelerates development with the express objective of subjecting the graduate to three years of normal BA experience within one year. With our significant expertise in this domain we can assist the organisation in recruiting and, through various assessments, screen the candidate’s suitability for the Business Analyst role. This programme can be configured with ease for graduate development. Typically this is a 12 month exercise that delivers productive graduates very early in the programme.

Scope of the Learnership

The progamme has objective of immersing the learner in three years of normal BA experience within one year. With our extensive expertise in this area we able assist the organisation from recruiting and, through various assessments, screening the candidate’s suitability for the Business Analyst role. This programme can be customised in keeping with the organisations needs for graduate development. Typically, this is a 12 month exercise that delivers productive learner very early in the programme.

Candidates can be assessed and screened to determine their suitability for Business Analysis. Coaching by experienced Business Analysis Consultants from IndigoCube. The learners are gaining experience while working on real live in-house projects following classroom training

The learnership will include training and mentorship that cover the following key skills requirements:
1. Business Problem analysis
2. Stakeholder analysis and needs definition
3. Project scope confirmation and management
4. Business process modelling and improvement
5. Business and software requirements elicitation and documentation
6. Workshop facilitation skills
7. Requirements management and traceability.

The learnership is often complimented with assistance in the setting of a Centre of Excellence.

Benefits of the Learnership

Most organisations are aware of the benefits that can be derived from experienced Business Analysts. Unfortunately, it takes time often measured in years for a Business Analyst to reach the experience level needed to offer a full set of business analysis skills required. The skills cover not only traditional approaches but also includes the skills needed to make the Business Analyst productive in Agile and Process Improvement projects. The programme aims to fast track that experience building process, so that organisations can derive the value earlier.

1. Builds business analysis capacity within the specific context of the organisation
2. Relevant skills are developed on real projects in the organisation
3. New candidates become productive much faster when compared to traditional approaches used to develop Business Analysts
4. Classroom training curriculum is customised to the organisations and to specific needs
5. Classroom training is followed with practical application in the work environment guided by an experienced Mentor in order to ensure the knowledge into on the job skills.

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