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IndigoCube Learnership Programme

This programme can be configured with ease for graduate development. Typically this is a 12 month exercise that delivers productive graduates very early in the programme.

It accelerates development with the express objective of subjecting the graduate to three years of normal BA experience within one year. With our significant expertise in this domain we can assist the organisation in recruiting and, through various assessments, screen the candidate’s suitability for the Business Analyst role.

Programme scope of the learnership

  1. Candidates can be assessed and screened to determine their suitability for Business Analysis
  2. Training will cover the following key requirements:
  3. Problem analysis
  4. Stakeholder needs definition
  5. Project scope definition
  6. Business process modelling
  7. Business and software requirements elicitation and documentatio
  8. Analysis modelling techniques
  9. Workshop facilitation skills
  10. Requirements management
  11. Project management for analysts
  12. Consulting business basics and best practice
  13. Personal and interpersonal
  14. Coaching by experienced Consultants from IndigoCube of incumbent BA’s on real live in-house projects will follow static classroom training
  15. A continuity forum will be established and encouraged to facilitate the formation of an analyst community
  16. Drive the improvement of the existing process framework
  17. Establish mechanism for continuous process improvement post the programme.

Benefits to the organisation inherent in the programme

  1. Builds business analysis capacity within the specific context of the organisation
  2. Relevant skills are developed on real projects in the organisation
  3. New candidates become productive much faster when compared to traditional approaches used to develop Business Analysts
  4. The suitability of candidates to be Business Analysts can be assessed before committing them to the programme
  5. A classroom training curriculum relevant to the organisations and to specific individuals is designed
  6. Classroom training optimised by following on with practical application in the work environment guided by an experienced Mentor
  7. Superior quality of BA outputs eliminating rework.

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