3 Days

Certification: ICAgile accredited course: The ICP-ATF Certification from ICAgile, is granted on the successful completion of this course. This certification is part of the ICAgile Coaching Track along with our Agile Fundamentals and Agile Coaching courses. We offer the complete ICAgile Coaching Track for those looking to become an ICAgile Certified Expert in Agile Coaching (ICEAC).
Prerequisites: You will need to have completed formal Agile training such as our Agile Fundamentals course and have at least 12 months’ experience working in an Agile team. Audience: This course is intended for experienced Agile practitioners who would like to develop their skills and knowledge to effectively facilitate the values, principles, practices and techniques in an Agile team.


Are you a ScrumMaster or Agile Coach looking to improve your facilitation skills? Much of the work on Agile projects happens in group sessions: team members collaborate to identify and prioritise stories, plan work to be done, elaborate stories, identify risks and issues, communicate progress in stand-ups and other shared activities. Working in collaborative self-organising teams can be challenging and it is important that all team members understand the group dynamics involved and how to effectively facilitate these sessions. That’s where our Agile Team Facilitation program comes in. Learn how collaborative workshops can be planned, organised and run; and how each team member can contribute to achieving maximum effectiveness – while identifying potential pitfalls and how to avoid and address them. This program will also help you learn about your role in building capability across the wider team.




By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Facilitate workshops and Agile ceremonies
  • Explain the importance of empowerment and collaboration
  • Facilitate collaboration within an Agile team
  • Explain the Agile mindset and the value of Agile coaching
  • Use health checks to explore team effectiveness, building on team strengths and tackling impediments


  • The role of an Agile Team Facilitator
  • Facilitating meetings and workshops
  • Meeting/workshop structure
  • The mindset and role of the Agile Team Facilitator
  • Agile Coaching journey
  • Agile Team Facilitator techniques
  • Leading collaborative discussions
  • Health checks