1 Day

IIBA CDUs: 7 Prerequisites: None. Audience: This course is designed for anyone working on an agile team, but is especially helpful for product owners, business analysts, systems analysts, or any other team member involved with requirements on an agile project. This course may also be appropriate for individuals who manage individuals working on an agile team and need a more in-depth understanding of the process and skill set useful for an agile team.


This course is designed to introduce students to the agile values, principles, and techniques and takes an in-depth look into the skills necessary to ensure that the team is identifying and delivering the right thing. Whether you’re an existing agile team or new to an agile approach, everyone involved with an agile project needs to understand the needs they are trying to satisfy and the approach they are using to satisfy those needs. It is an excellent class to level-set management, product owners, or others working in an agile environment.



  • How agile values and principles guide a team’s approach to delivering the right thing
  • Determine who should fill common agile roles
  • Understand common agile approaches and how to apply to the learner’s situation
  • Apply agile techniques such as discovery and delivery boards, relative estimating, iteration planning, and others.