1 Day

Prerequisites: An understanding of the fundamentals of the Disciplined Agile (DA) approach. Students are expected to have: Taken one of the DA introductory courses. OR, Passed the Certified Disciplined Agilist test; OR, have at least two years of agile software development experience. Attendees must have an appreciation of the Disciplined Agile mindset. Audience: DW/BI Managers or practitioners: If Agile DW/BI is new to you and if you wish an effective launch of Agile DW/BI. Agile DW/BI practitioners: If you want to take Agile DW/BI to the next level. Senior Business & IT Management: If you want to understand how a disciplined approach to Agile DW/BI works in practice.


Organizations want to gain the benefits of agile – greater quality, improved stakeholder satisfaction, faster delivery, and higher productivity – for their Data Warehouse (DW)/Business Intelligence (BI) teams. In today’s competitive business environment new DW/BI solutions must be delivered in weeks, not months or years. Enhancements must be delivered in hours or days, not weeks or months. These delivery time-frames sound like fanciful thinking for traditional teams but are commonly achieved by teams following Disciplined Agile approaches. The good news is that proven techniques exist for DW/ BI practitioners to work in an agile manner. The bad news is that many existing DW/BI practitioners don’t know that these techniques exist, or if they do they don’t know how to apply them in practice. This workshop introduces these agile DW/BI techniques and shows how they fit together in practice.

Very often people start with Scrum, but they quickly discover that; to make Scrum work for Agile DW/ BI it needs to be significantly extended to address the challenges of DW/BI teams. These extensions include initial planning, initial requirements elicitation, initial architecture modelling, agile data modelling throughout construction, continuous database development, and streamlined deployment activities to name a few. Disciplined Agile (DA) has already done this extension work to address the challenges faced by DW/BI teams. Furthermore, because DA seamlessly supports both Scrum-based and continuous delivery strategies it is suitable for DW/BI teams new to agile as well as experienced teams looking to improve their approach. This workshop teaches you the techniques required to make agile DW/BI teams successful. An important aspect of this workshop is working through a DW/BI-specific case study.




  • Fundamental agile database techniques that are critical to the success of Agile DW/BI development
  • How to apply Disciplined Agile strategies


  • Fundamentals of DW/BI
  • How to initiate a disciplined agile DW/BI team, with a focus on:
    • Initial requirements modelling
    • Initial architecture modelling
    • Initial planning

How disciplined agile DW/BI construction works, with a focus on agile database practices such as:

  • Agile data modelling
  • Agile DW architecture and design strategies
  • Vertical slicing of DW/BI requirements to enable incremental delivery
  • Database regression testing
  • Continuous database integration
  • Database re-factoring


  • Attendees earn the designation of “Disciplined Agilist”, with first year membership. (value US$50)
  • A step towards certification in Disciplined Agile.