1 Day

Prerequisites: An understanding of the fundamentals of the Disciplined Agile (DA) approach. Students are expected to have: Taken one of the DA introductory courses OR, Passed the Certified Disciplined Agilist test; OR, have at least two years of agile software development experience. An appreciation of the Disciplined Agile mindset is required. Audience: This non-technical workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to represent the business on agile projects in the role of Product Owner or other stakeholders.


This one day workshop teaches participants how to maximize the effectiveness of business working with IT to fulfil the agile promise of early and frequent delivery of value to your customers and other stakeholders. Disciplined Agile (DA) extends the Product Owner role as described in Scrum to focus on other factors critical to the success of sophisticated and large agile projects.




  • Understanding of the breadth of a Product Owner’s responsibilities.
  • How to work with delivery teams and other stakeholders in order to deliver a successful product using the DA framework.


What does it mean to be a Product Owner?

  • Why Product Owners?
  • The responsibilities of a Product Owner
    • What Product Owners are not responsible for (and why)
    • Strategic and tactical responsibilities
  • The Product Owner mindset
  • Who do Product Owners need to work with?
  • The work-flow of product ownership
  • Organizing your time inside and outside of the delivery team

Product Owner skills

  • Creating a product vision
    • Initial requirements envisioning
    • Release planning
    • Product road-mapping
  • Writing epics and stories
  • Negotiating priorities with stakeholders
  • Embracing scope change
  • Look-ahead modelling: Grooming the work to be done
  • Demonstrating your solution
  • Technical debt: Why you must care
  • Budgeting, initial estimating, and working with team estimates
  • Understanding the current state via agile and lean metrics

Product ownership in the enterprise

  • Working in a large program
  • Product owner teams
  • Chief Product Owners (CPOs)
  • Outsourced teams
  • Geographically distributed stakeholders
  • Geographically distributed delivery teams
  • Working in a complex domain
  • Coordinating functional dependencies with other teams
  • Working with Product Management


  • Attendees earn the designation of “Disciplined Agilist”, with first year membership. (value US$50)
  • This course is another step towards a certification in Disciplined Agile