Cyber Threat Prediction

Conducting threat analysis to assess who the potential adversaries are.
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Cyber Security Threat Prediction

Cyber Risks Management is the art of human-led analyses of security- and non-security related data from logical and physical domains in order to research trends, discover anomalies, provide context, create relationships, uncover hidden issues and to understand the financial, reputational and regulatory risk should the organisation suffer a breach.

Threat Analysis and Threat Hunting

Threat Analysis enables organizations to analyse large volumes of data to generate actionable insights in near real time. A powerful combination of visual tools and automated analytics helps analysts to quickly uncover patterns, trends and connections that are hidden within large and disparate data sets. Threat Analyses enables organizations to incorporate cyber threat hunting into their security strategy and turn their defence into a proactive offense.

The Threat Analysis solution provide a human-cantered approach to understanding the adversaries. Powerful analytics can help analysts develop insights to understand and anticipate where threat actors might strike next. By connecting, analysing and visualizing disparate data sources, including open-source and third-party data stores that derive from human resources systems, crime databases or social media, the threat analysis solution provides near-real time insight that can help intelligence and Security Operation Canters detect, disrupt and defeat threat actors.

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