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This workshop is geared for people who want to implement DevOps within established organizations.
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DevOps offers the promise of having software development teams that can deploy into production several times a day and companies that release changes into production every few seconds. That’s great for startups and organizations new enough that they don’t have to deal with a lot of legacy, but that’s not your situation. Your organization has been around for a long time. You have a multitude of legacy systems and data sources in place and are drowning in technical debt. You have a legacy culture that prefers a heavyweight approach (you may even be an ITIL shop). You have a shortage of people with agile skills, let alone DevOps skills. Yet you still want to adopt DevOps strategies to remain competitive.

This workshop is geared for people who want to implement DevOps within established organizations. We begin with an overview of the DevOps mindset and Disciplined Agile principles, then we jump into working through a fictional case study for an established enterprise. Via this case study we work through how development needs to evolve for DevOps, how to architect your solutions to support DevOps, how to address both security and data concerns in a DevOps environment, how to coordinate releases when a large number of teams are in flight, and how operations and support works in enterprise-class DevOps.

The workshop is not technical and is suitable for all team members. Many group exercises reinforce the principles learned. The workshop is valuable for management or leaders tasked with moving from traditional approaches to DevOps.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to:
• The full extent of how DevOps works in established enterprises
• Gain an understanding of the DevOps mindset
• Identify how your solution development strategy needs to evolve for DevOps
• Discover the potential impact on your operations and support strategies

Topics Covered

  • The DevOps mindset
  • Disciplined Agile principles
  • Challenges adopting DevOps in established organizations
  • Architecting for DevOps
  • Continuous delivery practices – Continuous integration, automated regression testing, code and schema analysis, automated deployment
  • DevSecOps
  • Strategies for Database DevOps
  • Strategies for release management – Agile release trains vs. continuous release streams; Coordinating releases across many teams; release/deployment infrastructure
  • IT Operations – Production monitoring; Disaster planning and mitigation strategies; Common infrastructure
  • Support – Strategies for supporting your end users
  • Strategies for transitioning to Disciplined DevOps


After completion of this 1-day course, you will receive an International Disciplined Agilist certification

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