Business Agility represents the ability of an enterprise to rapidly respond to changing market conditions and continuously deliver products and services that meet evolving customer demands. In the software age, enterprise business agility is depending on an organizations ability to create and innovative digital products and services. The collaboration between development, operations and the business is crucial for success.  To enable business agility, IndigoCube utilises frameworks or toolkits best suited for your enterprise. These include:

  • The Disciplined Agile Toolkit
  • The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Scrum

In support off your business agility initiative, we offer a variety of highly effective services, such as:

Interested in improving product management? Contact us for a short briefing with your executives and teams. This will result in a better understanding of business agility, your options and possible approaches.

As soon as you feel ready for a first step towards business agility in your enterprise, we offer a concise business agility assessment. This highlights the status quo of your organization together with concrete focus points that will result in improved agility.

This workshop is designed to show you how to apply Agile, Lean Start-up and Design Thinking to your change programs. You’ll learn what Lean Change Management is, as well as various light-weight tools such as Change Canvases, Experiments, Perspective Mapping and more.

While it is advisable for agile teams to evolve their own unique way of work to unleash their creativity, leverage their skills and experience to become high performing teams, this can take long and may negatively affect productivity if done without proper guidance or tools.  IndigoCube has expert coaches who can help teams (or team-of-teams) to fast-track their journey to adopt an initial way of work with appropriate levels of governance. This will guide them on the path of continuous improvement using the international acclaimed Disciplined Agile Toolset ( We go further to help with scaling to enterprise proportions.

Once a new way of work is established, an iterative process of identifying and implementing improvements should become routine, incrementally improving all aspects of the team’s way of work on their journey to excellence.  Blending practical skills, experience and using established frameworks, toolsets and techniques, IndigoCube’s experts will guide your teams on this journey of continuous improvement.

SAFe has its own implementation roadmap to transform the enterprise for better business agility. Our experts will enable you to customise the roadmap to best suit your organisational context and required level of business agility. Together with this our experts will guide and support the transformation to SAFe through training and coaching. If you have already implemented SAFe, then let our experts show you how to continuously improve your way of work to be optimal for your business.

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Enabling Business Agility