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The Digital Enterprise is simply the convergence of Lean, Agile and DevOps.
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Digital Enterprise Transformation

The Digital Enterprise is simply the convergence of Lean, Agile and DevOps. Enterprise Digital Transformation is enabled through the development of core capabilities depicted below, and this in essence is the business of IndigoCube.

Digital Enterprise


Establishing the root causes of poor and hobbled functionality and the resolution thereof is extremely difficult from within, we have developed highly effective and incisive assessments over many years to identify and resolve impediments to optimal organizational efficiency.

These include:

  • Lean-Agile Practice Assessments
  • Product Management Assessments
  • Enterprise DevOps Assessment (End-to-end value chain assessment in partnership with DORA)
  • ALM/DevOps Toolchain Assessments
  • Business Agility Assessment
  • Agile Business Analysis Assessments


IndigoCube is a acutely focused and we have developed highly certified and experienced resources to coach lean-agile implementation using either Scrum, Kanban, SAFe and DAD.

Our standard coaching services include:

  • Executive Lean-Agile Coaching
  • Agile Coaching
  • Product Management Coaching
  • Agile Business Analysis Coaching
  • Rent-a-Scrum Master (coaching from within the agile team)
  • Scrum Quick Start (to just get your agile team going)
  • Troubleshoot your agile implementation

Skills Development

Skills development is fundamental to any enablement programme and we offer a combination of class-room training for Agile, Scrum, Digital with specialist workshops and workplace coaching to ensure that the necessary skills are mastered.

  1. Specialist Skills Enablement Programmes
  2. Training together with our “Make Learning Stick” Programmes
  3. Communities of Practices (COPs) Programmes

Toolchain Integration Consulting

The toolchain is a set or combination of homogenous and integrated tools assembled to work seamlessly in the development, delivery and management of applications throughout ideation and the software development lifecycle and into operations. The focus of our toolchains is the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Toolchain and the DevOps Toolchain.

The toolchains will deliver:

  • Toolchain Assessments (to identify weak links)
  • Create Custom Integrations, e.g. developing point-to-point integration
  • Automate the Deployment Pipeline e.g.
  1. Establish a central repository for the enterprise (Front-end, mainframe and mobile development)
  2. Putting everything under version control
  3. Setup static code and security scanning as part of build process
  4. Create test automation strategy and testing automation frameworks
  5. Test data management
  6. Automate the build and deployment process
  7. Continuous Testing
  8. Continuous Delivery (for Siebel, mainframe, etc.)
  9. Expertimentation Platform
  10. Provide Tooling e.g. from IBM, CA or Open Source

Technology and Automation Solutions

The architecture of the Digital Enterprise is one of tools and technologies working efficiently for the realization of rapid value to the end user. Practically however these disparate tools and technologies seldom integrate well and only islands of automation are possible. With over two decades of experience IndigoCube can help you realize the potential value of automation to deliver a superior customer experience.

Enabling the Digital Enterprise through technology and automation is the primary objective and we offer the following solutions:

  • Release Automation
  • Enterprise Workload Automation
  • Service Orchestration
  • Data Automation (Test Data, Big Data and Data Warehouses)
  • API Development, Testing and Management

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is undoubtedly the most effective current programme to address and meet the high demands for agility and rapidity in constantly evolving business and technological world. It is the core technology worldwide driving change and must be leveraged to keep pace and retain competitiveness.
IndigoCube in partnership with the leading and most innovative technology providers worldwide is ideally positioned to partner with your organization to help you transform digitally.

Our standard digital transformation programmes include:

  • SAFe implementation
  • DAD implementation
  • Advising on Change Management
  • Sustaining Change Management

Digital Training

Training is the inception point for any successful enablement programme and we have in collaboration with the leading international training providers developed practical, relevant and highly effective training courses. The distinction that IndigoCube enjoys is that we not just training providers but full implementation partners of technology and tools, consequently our instructors have decades of practical experience. Our training courses and programmes are designed to develop the requisite skills for the software development and operations team(s) in a constantly evolving technological world.

Our training is categorised as follows:

IndigoCube is affiliated to most of the most of the international standards institutions and our courses are aligned to these entities. Our training enables candidates to achieve certifications from IC Agile, IIBA, AIPMM, Scaled Agile Academy (SAFe), Disciplined Agile Consortium (DAC), IBM and CA technologies.

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