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This AIPMM Product Management Product Marketing and Management Body of Knowledge (ProdBOK®) Seven Phase Life Cycle approved curriculum features the complete product life cycle, and demonstrates unlimited opportunities for innovation.

Product Management Training & Certifications

The IndigoCube Academy specialises in Product Management Training to assist organisations with their knowledge and transformation journeys. Our courses are internationally certified by the Association of International Product Marketing & Management (AIPMM) and Body of Knowledge (ProdBOK®). Our training is based on best practices that break through industry barriers to set the standard with proven methods and processes.

IndigoCube Academy offer the following training courses:

  • Certified Product Manager
  • Certified Product Marketing Manager
  • Certified Innovation Leader
  • Certified Brand Manager
  • Agile Product Ownership

Certified Product Manager Course (CPM)

The Certified Product Manager CPM® credentials have come to represent an individual’s agreement to adhere to standards of excellence and a way to demonstrate a commitment to the career. Amid the clutter of credentials and certificates that abound in the field, the rigorous competency and practice standards met by those certified by the AIPMM Certifying Board have allowed the CPM® credentials to stand out from the crowd as the highest certification standard.

The CPM® certification differs from an educational or methodology designation in that it is based upon global best practices that have been determined by analysis of actual practitioners in the field, and, therefore, continue to evolve with the profession.
The CPM credentials indicate a thorough understanding of the functions responsible for championing new products throughout the front end of the product lifecycle, from inception through to launch. The CPM focuses on “go-to” functions that orchestrate internal activities and ensure the best possible outcome for the product.

Certified Product Marketing Manager Course (CPMM)

The Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM®) credentials indicate a thorough understanding of the product marketing functions which are responsible for ensuring the success of the product in the marketplace. The CPMM® focus begins with a successful launch and continues as the product moves through growth, maturity and eventual decline. The exam covers pricing actions, product focused marketing communications activities and how the CPMM represents the product to sales people, the channel and customers.

Certified Innovation Leader Course (CIL)

This certification is for professionals who are driven to lead or participate in innovation efforts for gaining and maintaining competitive advantage. In addition to innovation best practices, the CIL® credential provides individuals and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools to strategically integrate and align organizational goals with a managed and purposeful innovation culture and process.

This AIPMM Product Management Product Marketing and Management Body of Knowledge (ProdBOK®) Seven Phase Life Cycle approved curriculum features the complete product life cycle, from goods and service ideation to retirement, and demonstrates unlimited opportunities for innovation. Certified Innovation Leaders understand and utilize every phase of the innovation process to produce goods and services that are successful in the global market place and provide maximum return on investment to the organization.

Certified Brand Manager (CBM)

Certified Brand Manager covers the roles and responsibilities of brand management, the key organizational interfaces, and the use of the classical marketing “Ps” to strengthen your brand. You will explore the different levels of your brand (e.g., elements, attributes, personality and core values), and how each plays an important role in developing and maintaining strong relationships with your customers. The course will provide insights into achieving the ultimate payoff by maximizing brand equity and brand value.

Agile Product Ownership Course (APO)

How do we ensure that the right product is built in the right way to most effectively solve the right business problem? To answer this question, Product Owners need clarity of vision, alignment with organisational strategy, an understanding of the development process and the ability to communicate with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Through our Agile Product Ownership course, you will gain the techniques and tools to enable you to become an effective Product Owner who is equipped to guide product development, and lead product ownership teams. Our course focuses business value, the leadership needed to ensure product fit, and how these practices work in an Agile development process. You will also cover value management, and how collaboration is so important to identify the most important aspects and features of a product.

Recommended Certification by Role

  • Associate Product Manager: AIPMM ProdBOK training
  • Product Manager: AIPMM Certified Product Manager certification (CPM)
  • Senior Product Manager: CPM & Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM)
  • Product Director: CPM, CPMM, Certified Innovation Leader
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